Financial support for non-profit purposes

Although the Employee Foundation’s primary purpose is to assist employees of the VKR Group and their immediate family, part of the Foundation’s mission is also to provide assistance to non-profit purposes within the local community near the individual VKR Group companies. By non-profit purposes we mean projects or activities with a cultural, artistic, social, humanitarian, educational or instructive content. Such purposes, which may be established by associations, institutions or groups of individuals, will primarily be eligible for assistance to pay for expenditure items of lasting value, such as playground equipment, teaching materials, magazine publishing and the like.

The Employee Foundation supports non-profit projects or activities which take place in the vicinity VKR Group companies.

Examples of projects supported:

• Equipment for playgrounds at schools, nursery schools etc.

• Apparatus and equipment for sports associations.

• Equipment for other recreational activities, e.g. scouts and guides, schools of music etc.

• Social projects for the benefit of orphaned children and young people, nursing homes, people with disabilities and others.



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