DOVISTA Group Mission and Vision

The mission shared by all the companies in the DOVISTA Group is to let daylight and fresh air into people’s everyday lives. All the people who work for us do so on the basis of a set of shared basic values and the vision that our group will become and remain the leading manufacturer of windows in Northern Europe.

Our mission

The DOVISTA Group develops, manufactures and markets windows and doors that let daylight and fresh air into people’s everyday lives, offering a clear view of the world outside while securing a healthy indoor environment. We make an active contribution towards enhancing the well-being of people and towards a sustainable development of the communities we are part of.

Our vision

The DOVISTA Group aims to become the leading manufacturer of windows, measured in terms of product quality, credibility and attractiveness as a supplier. This is the goal we strive to achieve, and its achievement must be reflected in our market share, turnover and earnings.

By combining forces, we will strengthen and develop the DOVISTA Group through our business model Distinctive Brands - Shared Excellence.



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