There may be times in life when you and your colleagues come up against challenges that are difficult to cope with emotionally and financially. The challenges may be many and varied and concern anything from serious illness to covering the costs of education. In such situations a cash handout will be very welcome. In 1991, the VKR Group established the Employee Foundation with the object of offering monetary assistance to the Group’s employees worldwide. Since it was created in 1991, the Foundation has made more than 2,000 donations in support of a wide range of purposes. Today, all employees and their immediate family can apply for support from the Foundation. The same applies to societies and institutions that can apply for support for non-profit purposes within the local community in which the individual VKR company operates.

Three main purposes

The objectives of the Employee Foundation are:

1. To provide financial support to present and retired employees and their immediate family

2. To provide financial support to non-profit purposes within the local communities in which the individual VKR Group companies operate

3. To present the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award to employees for outstanding achievements reflecting the VKR Group’s values

„We are here for each other, and show we care when help is needed. This is the ethos of the VKR Group because this is how my father, Villum Kann Rasmussen, maintained a model company should act. The Employee Foundation is a natural extension of my father’s thoughts and ideas; a means of helping those, who need support for life and its difficult moments”.

Lars Kann-Rasmussen



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