Our mission and vision

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We want to become a leader among window and door manufacturers and maintain that position in selected segments of the sector. We also aim to achieve excellence in all major business processes. By joining forces, we strengthen and develop the business model of the DOVISTA Group.

Mission of the DOVISTA Group

The DOVISTA Group strives to achieve the status of a Model Company. A model company is a business that produces products that are useful to the public and that treats its customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders better than most other companies do. A model company also generates a profit that can finance growth and development and ensure financial independence.

Vision of the DOVISTA Group

The DOVISTA Group constantly strives to become the leading manufacturer of facade woodwork in Europe through the high quality, reliability, and attractiveness of its products. We’re working to achieve this goal, which will undoubtedly be reflected in our market share, turnover, and earnings.

Tax Strategy of Dovista Polska sp. z o.o.

Informacja o realizowanej Strategii Podatkowej Dovista Polska sp. z o.o. za rok 2020