Support for non-profit organizations

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The main purpose of the Employee Foundation is to help VKR Group employees and their relatives, while some of the Foundation’s tasks are also implemented as non-profit activities. The Foundation works with the local communities in areas where the VKR Group operates. As understood by the Foundation, non-profit activities mean projects or activities of a cultural, artistic, social, humanitarian, or educational nature. Such activities and projects can be organized by associations, institutions, or other associations. Accepted expenses for non-profit activities mainly include equipment purchase costs (e.g. playgrounds equipment, teaching materials) publication costs for newsletters and periodicals, etc.

Criteria and principles for obtaining assistance:

  • non-profit activities and projects must be located within a 30 km radius of WV,
  • WV employee involvement in the activities of non-profit organizations is preferred,
  • financial support ranges from EUR 650 – 4,500 (average EUR 2,700),
  • further grants may be applied for 5 after an organization receives funding from the VKR Foundations (for another project or goal),
  • in case an application is rejected, applications may be submitted again in subsequent editions. However, the reason for the rejection should be considered.

The following do not qualify for support from the VKR foundation:

  • very large organizations,
  • very large projects,
  • projects that have no lasting value: school trips, sports trips, sports clothing, musicals/theatre performances/concerts/festivals,
  • religious organisations.