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In 1991, the VKR Group founded the Employee Foundation, aimed at providing financial assistance to Group employees worldwide and to local non-profit organizations. The VKR Foundation invests its capital and transfers its profits in the form of financial assistance to employees and their relatives. The Foundation’s task is to provide assistance within the organization’s set goals. Assistance is provided according to the criteria included in the Foundation’s procedures. These procedures also determine the order and priorities for providing support. The VKR Group brings together employees from many corners of the world. The diversity of legal, cultural and social systems in Europe, the United States or, for example, Asia makes it impossible to define uniform qualifying criteria for obtaining aid. However, the Employee Foundation statute specifies that financial assistance is provided primarily in the event of unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances as well as for continuing higher and vocational education of employees’ children.

Three main goals of the VKR Group Employees Foundation

  • Provision of financial assistance to current and retired employees and their immediate families.

  • Financial support for non-profit activities in local communities, including a company belonging to the VKR Group.

  • Employees are awarded the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award for special achievements reflecting the values represented by the VKR Group.