What sets us apart?

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  • We strive to be Europe’s leading manufacturer of facade woodwork in terms of safety, quality, timeliness, costs, and employee involvement.

  • Safety

    Employee safety is our priority. We conduct health and safety audits, provide training and appropriate personal protection measures, and we take care of the technical condition of our machinery.

  • Quality

    We pay attention to details and we care about the highest quality. By creating windows and doors, we provide people with a transparent view of the world, and we care about their health and safety.

  • Our employees

    We create the image of our company as an organization that sets ambitious goals, promotes employees who are committed to the development of the company, and keeps its commitments.

  • Our products

    We differ from other manufacturers because our windows and doors are unique. We make them based on individual customer orders.

  • Social responsibility

    We are a socially responsible company. We care about our environment and engage in our local communities.

Why work with us?

At DOVISTA, we care about the smallest details of our products. Each and every element is important and is produced with the greatest care – from the design stage through to production and use.

Piotr Jan Jurek, Engineer and Director of the Technical Assistance Department

I started as an intern, but that quickly changed. After ­being promoted to process engineer, I was able to work with state-of-the-art wood processing machines. Today, in my role as production manager, I’m able to manage advanced production processes at the highest level.

Radosław Ciesielski, Production Manager

In one year, we paint enough aluminium to cover several hundred football pitches. We’ve just built our own painting facilities, as we couldn’t find subcontractors who would deliver the high quality we need.

Michał Rusiecki, Factory Director

New ideas can be quickly tested in practice. All we have to do is print a new part with our 3D printer and see if it works.

Dorota Duszyńska, R&D Quality Leader